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Nihon e no Tabi

Traveling to Japan

Traveling to Japan
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This community is designed for assistance on short-term and long-term travelling to Japan. The ccommunity's goal is to serve as a resource for those planning trips to Japan, whether it be hotels to stay at or where the best hole-in-the-wall noodle place in Tokyo is. Ask any questions, and peruse articles and advice - if we can help, we gladly will!

To try and keep the community running smoothly we've set basic guidelines:

☆ You may ask about anything pertaining Japan, whether it's questions about directions, how to purchase various tickets, hotels, budgeting, money, goods. Please however, always check the memories first to make sure your question hasn't been addressed. All noteworthy discussions will be placed there.

☆ Discussion in comments about posts is more then welcome as long as it stays mostly on topic. Even if you are not travelling within a year, you are welcome to engage in discussions in comments.

☆ We ask that if you are posting with questions, you are intending to travel to Japan within [b]one year.[/b] This is not a community to post about your love of the country, this is strictly to assist travelers and we want to keep it as on topic as possible. PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to be travelling to join and watch the community.

☆ We're sorry, but we will not assist with help on Japanese unless it directly pertains to directions. When possible, if discussing cities or names of buildings we always reccomend posting in both Japanese and English, but if you are looking for help, please try such communities as j_daily or learn_japanese.

☆ You may post while you are abroad, posting photos or how your trip is going so far. However, if posting photos, please put all of them under a cut, and subject your entry clearly stating that you are currently abroad.
i.e : [ abroad : (city name), Japan ]

☆ This community is not intended for any selling at all. We will not allow shopping services, buying/selling goods. If you want to advertise for a community, you must ask a moderator prior, and it must be related directly to the community's purpose. Such posts will be subject to deletion without notice.

☆ Discussion of JDrama and television is permitted as long as it is currently on tv in Japan. You may not ask for torrents or post uploads of any television shows. Bands and music is also allowed to be discussed, as long as the band is of an active status. We will not allow any mp3 trading at all, and the posts will be deleted immeadiately.

Your moderators are:
genwaku_maniac and calliechan.
Both moderators have spent time in Japan and continue to travel wehen able. Callie specialises in navigating the Japanese Rail System. Aie specialises in concert information and prepartion.
If you have any questions pertaining to anything with the community or travelling, feel free to ask one of them. :)