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Tokyo: Guesthouse/apartment help needed

I found this community while I was looking for accomondation in Tokyo.
Maybe you guys can help me in my search.

I've been to Tokyo a few times already, and so far I always stayed in a nice ryokan.
Only problem with this ryokan is, there is this very old grand-ma, who's in charge in the evening/night.
They don't have an official curfew, but I always felt "quilty" to make this nice old lady stay up very very late. For my next trip, I already know, that I again will have to take the last train home quite often, so it would be nice to have a place with no curfew and no old lady who has to keep watch at night.

I'm going to spend 3 to 4 weeks in tokyo in december/january, and I thought, that this time a guesthouse or apartment would be a nice change.
Only problem is: I really want a TV and a bathroom at my room (I don't mind sharing the kitchen; having no kitchen; but I really want a bathroom ^^;)
I'd also prefer a "japanese style" room, but that's not necessary.
also I'd prefer a female only one, but again, that's not necessary.

I already tried some of the links provided in this post:
Guesthouses and Hotels list
but I'm quite confused (some of them say: tv in common area but show picture of rooms with tv etc.)
Maybe someone already stayed in one of the guesthouses and can give me some recommendation ?

also I read that it also would be possible to rent a small apartment for a month or so, but so far I couldn't find any further info about this.

help please ? m(_ _)m
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