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24 hours in Tokyo


For a trip to Asia, we scheduled a 24 hours stay in Tokyo on August 13th (2007). Since it's a (very) short stay, I pondered about what we could do.

Transportation is also a mystery to us. I read about the Tokyo Free Kippu on Wikipedia, that costs 1000 yen. It is worth it? And does the distance we have to travel from one station to another add up to the 1000 yen? How about taxi fares?

We will be staying at Nikko Hotel near Narita Airport.

We are fans of shopping, anime and mangas, so I thought of going to malls, stores like Mandarake, and hunt for artbooks and collectibles. Places we thought about are Shibuya, Akihabara and maybe Nagano. But if we want to fulfill our needs in allowed time, I doubt we could go to all those places, since it takes about an hour and a half (more?) to get to Shibuya, and half an hour (or more?) to go from one place to another. And how do we get to those places from the hotel? Train, metro, bus? Any advice?

Suggestions of other activities accepted and recommendations of restaurants/snack places much appreciated too!

Many thanks in advance!
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