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Minshuku or ryokan or hostel

Hello there!
My husband and I and our best friend will be travelling to Japan from April 5-19, and this has been my first trip back in 10 years.
O(n oth previous trips I had stayed with friends.)

I've never stayed in either minshuku, ryokan or hostels, and was wondering what the going rate is approximately. We don't care about sleeping all in the same room, but wonder if hostels split you up by gender like they do here in North America? Also, we're no kids (in the mid 30's range agewise)..and we tend to keep late hours. Do the hostels lock the doors at 11pm?
Also, where would anyone reccomend for Tokyo/ Kyoto/Nara/ and possibly Hiroshima and Sapporo when it comes to Minshuku or ryokan or hostel? We are looking at spending approximately $80 a night approximately at the most. Names and URL's would be greatly appreciated.

Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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